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Tessa & Dylan

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Saying "I Do" in beautiful Grand Rapids, MN.

This couple...........

It's hard to express how much this couple means to me. Tessa and Dylan were one of the first "strangers" to allow me the honor of capturing their big day. The nerves I felt that day were overwhelming as like any photographer capturing a wedding......everything had to go smoothly and each image taken had to be better than the last.

Tessa and Dylan set the bar high for the most fun we have had at a wedding to this day. Dylan's groomsmen were nothing short of comical and all the bridesmaids were beyond beautiful. Tessa's bridal colors fit the day as it was super sunny with a light breeze blowing. Every time I had asked Tessa to give me a serious face for a bridal portrait, I realized that was a huge mistake. Her smile was absolutely stunning and radiating.

I can't end this post without talking about their son Kane. When we captured this wedding, I wasn't blogging yet so this is the first time I have been able to tell the story about the handsome boy surrounded by bouquets. The ceremony had finished, Tessa and Dylan had come down the aisle after saying their vows and behind them was their 3 year old boy Kane. Kane looked at my assistant and said, "I'm not taking any pictures." My assistant (AKA: mom) came running over to tell me what Kane had said and my response was, "Really? Did you see his dimples?" The bridal party was standing, waiting for portraits to start and I bent down and whispered to Kane, "I heard you're not going to take any pictures today but if you stand for just a couple, we can go find 3 of the biggest cupcakes in the house and eat them." At that moment, Tessa and her bridesmaids surrounded handsome little Kane and you can figure the rest out by the picture!

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